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Need more leads for your business? Clickitivity can help. Our team specializes in creating campaigns that use hard analytics data to refine lead quality, improve conversion rates, and increase the total volume of leads to your site.


We’ve refined our process over the course of working with hundreds of clients, and the result is a set of steps that has proven highly effective at helping clients meet their lead generation goals.

  1. Discovery:
    We take the time to learn about your business and your specific goals so we know exactly what you hope to achieve. We know that “more leads” isn’t good enough if your goal is “more leads that meet your requirements.”
  2. Site Evaluation:
    We compare your site to other high-converting sites we’ve worked with, then make changes or additions as needed to maximize results.
  3. Campaign Construction:
    Whether your plan includes PPC, SEO or something entirely different, this is where the magic happens. Our team of experts will design and implement a campaign based on best practices we’ve refined through experience with hundreds of different lead generation campaigns.
  4. Continual Improvement:
    Our expertise allows us to start each campaign near the bull’s-eye, but experience reminds us that every new campaign and site is different, and continual refinement is necessary to get the best possible results. We use in-depth analytics and heat mapping to determine exactly what’s working and what could be better – and make changes accordingly.

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