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Paid search advertising is the perfect complement to a solid search engine optimization program. As search engines increasingly highlight paid ads while downplaying the organic results, a good paid search campaign has become more important than ever. Not only does it allow you to gain greater exposure and market share, but it allows you to craft ads that highlight the most important aspects of what you have to offer to your prospects – before they ever reach your site.

With Clickitivity, you get custom campaign-planning and ad setup. We look at your current site, existing analytics, and the overall market for your offering. Then, we compare that against what you’re hoping to achieve and create a plan to help get you there.

The hard work doesn’t stop when the campaign goes live. We evaluate every campaign frequently to improve or eliminate underperforming keywords and ads. We ruthlessly cut what doesn’t work, and promising areas of your campaign are nurtured and expanded.

The result? You get a steady stream of productivity, along with a bigger share of the overall market for your product or service.


  • Create a custom campaign based on your specific goals and criteria
  • Continual testing in keyword selection, copy, landing pages and bidding strategies to ensure the best possible results for your market
  • Deliver monthly reporting and feedback to ensure your campaign is on track
  • Help you achieve greater exposure and results within your market

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